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By far the most popular method, the locking extension method is a complete hair extension system that uses the finest quality 100% human hair. Application process requiring no glue, no heat, no sewing, no braiding and no chemicals. The Locking method is the safest hair extension method for all hair types. Each extension can pivot 360 degrees for easy of styling.

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We start with the highest quality European 100% human hair and combine it with the safest extension system available.

Easy Application
Apply without glue, heat, sewing, braiding or chemicals – easy on you and the stylist.

Easy Takedown
Take it down in a fraction of the time of other extension systems without hair damage or discomfort. Extension hair is re-useable over several applications so you save money. And, there are no harsh chemicals to remove glue or heat bonds.

Safe & Worry Free
Ssafe for all hair types so you are free to color, perm and wear your favorite styles – even use your hot tools without concern.

The Locking extension hair is re-useable over several applications. This is quite a savings compared to other types of extensions. With other systems, it is common to remove extensions and purchase new ones every three months. With the Locking system, maintenance and adjustment makes your hair look like new. It is not necessary to purchase all new extensions each time.

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The Keratin tipped hair extensions we use are 100% natural human hair, which is seamlessly applied using a Keratin bond technology, and is easily removed without causing damage to your natural hair. This type of application is popular because of its strand-by-strand system. By using this method the hair has a 360 degree range of motion, resulting in a natural look and feel.

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What are the extensions made of?
The Keratin tipped extension is made of Eastern European hair. Beware of extensions containing synthetic, Asian, or brushed hair which must be treated with additional chemicals to hide inferior product quality.

How are extensions applied?
The 100% bio-protein bond is crucial to maintaining the health of your natural hair. Keratin tipped extensions will react identically to styling and environmental factors like temperature and humidity as your natural hair. The bonds are dyed to match each strand for an invisible application point.

How are extensions removed?
Your extensions should be removed by your Thick extension stylist. Using a patent solution which crystallizes the keratin bond, then the extension is able to slide off with no damage to natural hair.

How many strands does it take for a full head of hair?
It generally takes between 100 and 150 strands to complete a full head of extensions using the Keratin tipped system. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the length and volume of your own hair. This process can take between 1 and 4 hours.

How long will do extensions last?
Because the unique bonding system attaches the extension to your own hair, Keratin tipped extensions will last between 4 and 6 months.

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THICK works closely with several hair replacement companies to make sure we stay on the cutting edge assuring you receive the most up to date and new systems on the market. Whether you are a daily wearer or use the more secure bonding methods, THICK can give you the comfort and security that you want.

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Women's Hair Replacement
Some women suffer from male pattern baldness or other thinning which occurs from either physical or medical conditions. Here at THICK we can take care of all of your hair thinning needs.

Men's Hair Replacement
I was the Artistic Director of the leading mens hair replacement company for over 10 years before I opened my own shop. I have dealt with all kind of male pattern baldness and can custom make a look that makes you not only look and feel great but will take years off your look.

Top of the Head Thinning
Our specialist at THICK can custom taylor a top of the head hair system that will be integrated into your own hair for a seamless beautiful look. The top of the head hair system is made with 100% human hair and is designed to match your own color, texture, wave pattern, grey percentage, and even highlights. It is not a wig, it is attached with either a medical grade non allergenic adhesive for a more secure attachment or with clips for a wear as needed look.

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I absolutely love my hair… I feel like a new person. Thank you so much for everything. — -Rhonda

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